Nourish Your Body, Feed Your Soul

Navigating through the modern culinary landscape can be daunting, with an abundance of fast food and unhealthy choices around every corner. PLUM Healthy Eating aim to change that narrative by emphasizing the importance of nutrition, fresh ingredients, and balanced meals.

In each session, participants embark on a comprehensive culinary journey guided by expert chefs and nutritionists. They not only learn the intricacies of cooking but also understand the significance of making health-conscious choices. It’s not just about cooking; it’s about creating a lifestyle that values well-being.

Soup Kitchen

  • Hotmeals Community Feeding Program
  • Home Delivery Meals Program

Our Soup Kitchen Offers Healthy Nutritious Meals open to the general public, Monday-Friday at 12-2pm in our Forrest City Campus.

We offer home delivery hot meals for medicaid, AR Choice Recipients and eligible seniors. Please click here:

Get Involved!

If you’re seeking assistance or wish to be a part of our mission to uplift marginalized communities, please reach out to PLUM Foundation today. Your involvement can make a world of difference!